In waterfowling it’s definitely “better to have it and not want it than to want it and not have it”.

And that’s particularly true when preparing for SWLA’s unpredictable weather.  Better to sit on a cozy waterproof parka on a warm sunny day than be without it when the weather decides to prove just how cold a wet morning in the blind can be.  By the same token, warm, dry footwear is a must – just in case.  While leather shoes or boots are fine for most of our blinds on most days, rubber knee boots are a better bet to cover virtually all conditions and situations.


For guns and ammo, familiarity generally breeds confidence.  “Old Betsy the bunny buster,” regardless of model or gauge, will likely prove a better bet than an unfamiliar borrowed “proper” waterfowl gun, whatever that may be.  But please do know we can loan guns to those without if need be.  And we’d not want to discourage anyone wishing to use a trip to Doug’s as excuse to purchase a new gun from doing so.  The use of steel or other legal non-toxic shot is a practice we strictly adhere to, with #4-BB generally recommended for ducks, #2-BBB for geese and #2-BB for combination hunts.  Ammunition can be purchased from a number of local stores and from the camp, but the availability of favored brands or loads can’t be assured.


All required Louisiana licensing is available by phone, but guests are encouraged to pick up their Federal Duck Stamps prior to arrival.  While we do try to keep some Federal stamps on hand, it can’t be guaranteed.

Well-mannered guest dogs are welcome on most hunts, but kennel space is limited and owners are requested to bring their own crates.  Most dogs seem much more comfortable – and quiet – in their own cozy crates than strange kennels.


Little doubt we’ve left something out, so if you’ve further questions about what to bring, please don’t be shy about asking.  We’re anxious to do all in our power to make your stay with us a great one.


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